Recession occurs when the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth and the roots are exposed. Recession makes teeth very susceptible to decay because the root surfaces are much softer than enamel. Gum grafting can be done on front and back teeth.

Why should I have gum grafting?
Exposed root surfaces are sticky and more susceptible to decay. Natural tissue over the root surface offers protection.
How is dry mouth related to recession?
Exposed root surfaces in dry mouths are sticky. Bacteria can readily attach to sticky root surfaces and rapidly cause decay. If you are taking medication that causes dry mouth you may be susceptible. We hightly recommend root coverage for patients who suffer from dry mouth.

Gum Grafting to cover Recession

This patient has decay on her root surfaces. Exposed roots are more susceptible to decay because the surface is softer than enamel.
The decay was removed and gum grafts were placed over the roots. No fillings were required. The thicker gum tissue now protects the roots and prevents decay.


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A dental implant is placed into the bone to simulate a root. Once the implant has healed your dentist will place the crown.


Periodontal surgery is performed on patients who have periodontal disease in order to reduce pockets.

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